Memorial estate of Ivan Milyutin

Memorial estate of Ivan Milyutin was opened on November 4th, 2006. The date was chosen not by chance. November 4th is the day when Cherepovets City was founded. The museum's exposition is devoted to Ivan Milyutin, Cherepovets' mayor, a big industrialist, statesman, merchant and brilliant writer. Ivan Andreevich Milyutin was born on April 8, 1829 in Cherepovets.

Ivan Milyutin took an active part in legislation work and implementation of great reforms of the 1860s. He also made a tangible contribution to make Cherepovets a center of education. One after another Milyutin opened such educational institutions as Aleksandrovskoe Technical College (1869), the Mariinsky women's gymnasium (1873), a real school (1875), teachers' training seminary (1875), women's vocational school (1887), an agricultural school, a city school and several others. In his activities for the benefit of his native city, Ivan Andreevich strove for ideas of enlightenment and humanity. Under his governing, Cherepovets turned into a busy industrial and commercial center.

In the museum there is an exposition devoted to the life and activity of this outstanding public person. Different parties, round-table discussions and business meetings are arranged in the museum. Here one can step back in time and plunge into that 19th century feeling that makes a fascinating atmosphere especially for events of cultural nature and presentations.

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Postal address: 1, Revolution Square, Cherepovets, Russia

Phone: (8202) 51-15-45.