Literary museum

Lotaryov manor in Vladimirovka, early 20th century

Igor Severyanin (pen name, real name Igor Vasilyevich Lotaryov, 1887-1941), the famous Russian poet was born in St. Petersburg in the family of an army engineer. But most part of his childhood and youth Igor spent at his uncle's residence 30 km off Cherepovets, the Vologda Oblast.

There were three mansions that belonged to Severyanin's relatives, the Lotaryov family in the Cherepovets Region. But only one that was situated in a picturesque place in the settlement of Vladimirovka was preserved. The place afforded a beautiful panorama of the river's surface, the expanse of forests and coppices. This delightful two-storied wooden mansion stood on a hill nearby the rivers Suda and Kemza. Fond memories of his childhood and adolescence influenced Severyanin's brilliant poetry.

In 1996 the Lotaryov manor in need of restoration and repair became the property of the Cherepovets Museum Association. Now it houses the Literary Museum and the Igor Severyanin Museum.

Numerous tourists arrive from all parts of Russia to feel the atmosphere in which "the king of Russian poetry" wrote his magic verse. Every year members of the international association of painters "The Sunny Square" come to Vladimirovka to paint in the open air, while in summer Vladimirovka is full of children and teenagers working and playing in the children's ecological camp.

Postal address: 1, Severyanin Street, Vladimirovka, Cherepovets Region, Russia

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