Belozersk Museum of Local Lore

Belozersk, the oldest city in the Russian North (it was first mentioned in a chronicle of 862), boasts over 50 monuments of history and culture - earthen rampants, churches and a number of dwelling houses.

From 1918 through 1954 there was an antiquity museum in the city. Thanks to the effort and enterprise of the historian R.Novikova it was revived in 1967. Ten years later the museum was turned into an affiliate of the Kirillo-Belozersky museum-preserve. In 1993 it was reorganized into the Belozersk museum of arts and history.

The architectural ensemble of the museum comprises monuments of Russian church architecture - the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of our Lord (17th century), a wooden church of the Prophet Elijah (17th century), Church of Peter and Paul (18th century), Cathedral of the Saviour, an old city of Belozersk with a group of old churches, the Kremlin in the form of an earthen rampant (15th century) and a three-span bridge across the Kremlin moat (19th century).

Research and exhibition work are indicated as priority for the museum staff and historians.

The Belozersk museum of local lore has natural-science, historical, and art exhibition halls, which contain pieces of art, including ancient stamps (10-12th centuries), icons (17th century), manuscripts, early printed books, sculptures, graphic arts, ceramics, and articles crafted by Belozersk artisans.

There are five permanent expositions in the museum:

  • Museum «Russian log house»
  • Exhibition hall
  • Orlov Memorial Flat
  • Museum of the White Lake
  • Museum of local lore

The Belozersk museum of local lore occupies several magnificent buildings.

The museum of history is housed in the Church of Peter and Paul built in the 18th century. Collections of fishing and hunting gear, ceramics, instruments for stone and wood processing, religious values tell the story of the development of the region paying particular attention to people's way of life in the preceding generations. An exposition devoted to the Mariinskaya water system tells the visitors to the museum about the construction of the Belozersk by-pass canal that made a tangible contribution to the city's prosperity in the 19th century.

Belozersk's history is also the story of many exceptional men and women. On display are documents, personal belongings and other exhibits of the renowned residents of Belozersk.

The city has the Orlov Memorial Flat, the house of the remarkable Russian poet Sergei Orlov (founded in 1981). The list of books Orlov was interested in was impressive. Here are some of them. Among the exhibits at the memorial flat are also photographs, documents and unique things that belonged to the poet.

The museum of nature displaying over 400 exhibits is one of the youngest in the Vologda Oblast.

The museum under the name "Russian izba" (a log house) presents the development of Russian peasant life. Here one can see spinning-wheels, cradles, irons, household utensils and children's toys. The museum pursues the aim of rearing children according to the Russian traditions.

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