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Vologda Regional Academic Library

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The Vologda Regional Academic Library is the largest by shelf space and one of the most important libraries in the Vologda Oblast. Its collections include over 1,3 million books, manuscripts and other print materials in Russian and foreign languages. It also holds audio materials, such as discs, tapes, talking books, and other recorded formats; maps; pieces of sheet music; visual materials (moving images, photographs, posters, prints and drawings), videotapes, newspapers, pamphlets, sound recordings and other materials.

The Vologda Regional Academic Library was established on February 9, 1919. The library had a staff of 12 for a collection of 1,5 thousand volumes. It began to grow and develop rapidly. Six months later its holdings made up 15 thousand books thanks to an active and prolific role of librarians. Books were delivered from the abandoned mansions of the nobility, monasteries and theological seminaries. Part of the collection presents personal libraries and donation of the noblemen. From the very beginning the library advocated a focus on scientific research.

The library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.

The library is open to the general public for academic research. Only those who are issued a "Reader Identification Card" may enter the reading rooms and access the collection. The Reader Identification Card is available to persons who are at least 18 years of age upon presentation of a passport.

The Vologda Regional Academic Library takes advantage of new technological advancements and provides an on-line archive of the proceedings of some encyclopedias and reference books.

In the course of collaboration with the non-profit organization "Project Harmony" and the ACTR so called American Corner - a computerised class with modern reference literature and PCs providing free access to the Internet - was established in the Vologda Reginal Academic library. American experts in different branches are invited to present their views and to give pleasure to English learners of Vologda. "The American Corner" made it possible to attract more people who want to study English, to make research work easier and to help those who study English on a professional level. It became a hospitable place for all interested in broadening their knowledge about the USA and those really concerned about relationship between Russia and the USA. The American Corner also hosts events for alumni and classes on U.S. culture and Internet use for students, teachers, city government employees and others.

The library also administers the French Reading Room and the Finnish Information Corner.

The Vologda Regional Academic Library actively participates in enhancing ties with scholars, authors, publishers, cultural leaders and the business community.