Department of Finance


The Department of Finance of the Vologda Oblast works in accordance with the Clause of the Department of Finance confirmed by the Vologda Oblast Government Decree N 882 dated as of 16.08.2005.

The Department of Finance is an executive body responsible for drafting and implementing local government policy and legal regulation in the field of budget, tax, insurance, banking, credit cooperatives, public debt, auditing, accounting and reporting, customs duties, organising and conducting lotteries.

Main functions of the Department:

  • elaboration of the oblast's consolidated budget and oblast's budget;
  • budget management (the budget of the Vologda Oblast and state off-budget funds);
  • Vologda Oblast's national debt management;
  • inter-budget interaction regulation;
  • within its competence realizes functions on state financial control.


On July 17 Deputy Governor, Head of Department of Finance Valentina Artamonova met with journalists of Vologda Region.

A press breakfast was held as part of a series of meetings of Vologda’s journalists with top leadership of the Vologda Oblast Government.