Committee of Municipal Engineering and Architecture


The Committee of Municipal Engineering and Architecture of the Vologda Oblast works in accordance with the Clause of the Committee of Municipal Engineering and Architecture confirmed by the Vologda Oblast Government Decree N 496 dated as of 30.04.2010.

Main functions of the Committee:

  • architecture management;
  • town building management;
  • provision of documents for planning of territory for capital building objects;
  • provision of regional standards for town building design;
  • implementation of tasks in the sphere of architecture and town-planning activity within the authorities established by the legislative deeds of the Vologda Oblast;
  • execution of the state architectural and town-planning policy on the territory of the Vologda Oblast;
  • providing of legislation standard observance about architectural and town-planning activity;
  • supervision of realization of construction projects in accordance with the approved town-planning documentation;
  • submitting of offers to the local bodies about distribution of objects and complexes, site rendering for town-planning aims;
  • interaction with regional subdivisions on issue of state interest protection in the sphere of architecture, town-planning and constructing activity;
  • development and realization of state policy in the sphere of construction, communal and housing services.


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