Timber Industry

The Vologda Oblast is a vast wooded area with some 72% of its total land covered with forests. Wood is the most precious treasure of the region. 10,03 mln hectares of the area are covered by forest vegetation.

The planned annual wood-cutting area makes up 29 mln cu m, including 11,01 million cu m of coniferous wood. The actual allowable cut amounted to 13,95 million cu m (47,7%), including coniferous forest - 6,24 million cu m (56,7%).

In 2014 the timber industry enterprises of the Vologda Oblast harvested 14.4 million cu m of wood.

There is a positive dynamics concerning production of main types of timber products in the timber industry complex of the region. The index of physical volume for wood processing and production of woodwork made up 104 %, harvesting - 108,1 %. However, the index of physical volume for for pulp and paper production decreased by 10,3 %.

Forestry being one of the key businesses in the Vologda area comprises logging, wood-processing, pulp and paper industries. There are over 150 large and medium-sized forestry enterprises in the oblast. The wood-processing industry is highly-developed in the districts of Sokol, Gryazovets, Sheksna, Kharovsk, Cherepovets and Veliky Ustyug. Wood harvesting enterprises have good road accessibility to rail and water transportation systems.

The authorities of the Vologda Oblast seek to expand foreign trade and encourage technological innovation of the timber industry, supplying the sector with state-of-the-art and efficient equipment.

Alongside with logging, wood-processing, pulp and paper industries, much attention is paid to the wood pellet fuels (bio-fuels) industry which is experiencing its greatest growth period. Wood pellets, a by-product of the lumber industry, are made from compressed sawdust. They contain no additives. Under high pressure the natural lignin in wood acts as a glue to bind it together and form a tight pellet. The wood pellets are small, dense and one of the most manageable and pleasant forms of fuels available.

Several enterprises of the Vologda Oblast operate in wood fuel market, total production capacities being 200.000 tons of wood pellets. The available diameters are 4-10mm, fraction length from 20-50mm. Good knowledge of the production technologies and experienced employees give an opportunity to offer high quality bio fuel products and service for very competitive prices to clients in the European and Scandinavian countries.

Dynamics of wood articles production

Investment projects

The forestry complex is one of the most promising and attractive investment sectors.

In 2014, in accordance with the current forest legislation of priority investment projects the work aimed at investment development of enterprise was carried out. Seventeen investment projects are indicated as investment priorities in forest utilization.

Logging enterprises of the Vologda Oblast regularly upgrade car-fleet and apply state-of-the-art technologies in timber industry in order to increase production volume and performance.

Foreign economic activity

Timber products in the amount of USD 374,6 million were exported in 2014.

Wood and wood-working products of the Vologda Region are exported to more than 50 countries of the world - Finland, Estonia, Egypt, Germany, Sweden and others.

Structure of export, %

The fair and exhibition activity is one of the most important instruments of export development. Every year the city of Vologda becomes home to the International Fair and Exhibition "Russian Wood". It has been boasting an excellent international representation year after year. Foreign companies from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are involved in exhibition activities as well as hundreds of Russian enterprises.

This exhibition traditionally becomes an important event in the business calendar of Vologda and the whole Russia. It brings together leading forestry experts, environmentalists, representatives of major domestic and international woodworking enterprises.

The participants demonstrate innovation technologies to be applied in the timber industry, in production of technological equipment for forestry and manufacture of wood and wood-working articles. The subject-matter of the exhibition organized in Vologda has been stable in recent years: round timber, sawnwood, chipboards, fibreboards and plywood.

Close partnership ties of the Vologda Oblast Government with the RF trade delegates abroad, embassies and consulates of foreign states enhance the prestige of the exhibition-fair and strengthen the interest of the nations in each other's production.